About me

Hi there!

I'm Stephen, from sunny Bordeaux in France. I'm an Android advocate after making my early years as an iOS developer.

I've been developing mobile applications for more than ten years. My several experiences lead me to create solutions for a broad spectrum of clients.

Currently, I'm a proud member of Betclic. We're offering the Top 1 sportsbook application in France.

I've lately taken a keen interest in automation processes. I've developed most of our delivery processes with Fastlane and Bitrise, and also improved our code reviews with the configuration of tools such as Danger, Ktlint, code coverage, etc.

I work closely with the orbital teams to offer guidance in architecture topics. I'm also providing Git formations to the new arrivals in the company.

In my lost hours, I read many articles and books -- the science-fiction kind. I'm a converted traveler and never miss a chance to discover new horizons.

About me
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